Agenda – 21-22 January 2010

Thursday 21 January
18:30 Pre-dinner drinks – Frimley Lounge
19:15 Welcome Clive WallerChairmanFrimley One
19:30 Dinner – Frimley One
After Dinner Speaker – John Redwood, Chairman, Evercore Pan Asset Management
Is the global crisis over?
Friday 22 January
08:45 WelcomeClive Waller Frimley Three
08:50 Peng Chen, President, Ibbotson Associates
Modern Portfolio Theory – Bruised, Broken, Misunderstood or Misapplied?
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Adding the Income Dimension.
09:20 Discussion
09:50 Steve Tully, FSA Senior Associate (Investment Policy Department)
Platforms and the RDR.
10:20 Discussion
10:50 Tea/Coffee – Frimley Lounge
11:20 John Quinlivan, Director of Strategy, Development and Delivery, AEGON
What’s In A Title – Retail Distribution Review?
11:50 Discussion
12:20 Panel discussion: ‘The RDR, who wins, who loses?’
Panellists: Steve Tully, John Quinlivan, Bill Brown, Cranfield Financial Services and Alan Easter, Honister Capital
13:10 Lunch – Linden Restaurant
14:00 Clive Waller, MD, CWC Research
Back to the Future.
14:30 Discussion
15:00 Close – Clive Waller
Tea/Coffee – Frimley Lounge